Welcome to the small web

A small shrine.

An introduction to the movement that's called the "small web."

Originally written by Parimal Satyal

Edited by wych(witch)

Credits and Attributions

These are the credits and resources

If you have any questions or comments, send me an email at wychwitchcraft@gmail.com


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Resources and Thanks

  • Mateen Ulhaq
    • For the very helpful stackoverflow answer showing their JS script to automatically set the date in the input-box.
  • The Yesterweb community
    • Thank you all for being so warm and accepting, and answering my random questions and forms.
  • iconify.design
    • For all the icons I didn't make myself, I got from this site. I cannot imagine where I would be without this site's many, many free and openly-licensed icons.
  • Hundredrabbits
    • These two developers are frankly, scary with the sheer amount of skills they casually reveal. From living off the grid, sailing around the world by themselves, and even more shocking: 6502 assembly! Specifically their dotgrid tool was what I used for literally every shrine on this site.
  • Git and Github
    • For being there to securely backup my homework all projects and homework. This has saved me more times than I can count.
  • My friends and family
    • For being great and putting up with me.